Hogwarts Roleplay


Welcome to Hogwarts Roleplay! Lets begin!

Ok, so you may have a few questions about joining Hogwarts RP, here are the answers.

Why should I join Hogwarts RP?

Hogwarts RP is a fun, realisistic and absoulutly free website; where you can follow Harry, Ron or Hermione's footsteps through the walls of Hogwarts (almost *tear*).

What should I put in my account?

Well, put the name of your main character you will play as your username, then list and describe any other characters you have in you About Me. Make sure you answer the additional questions as well!

Can I have more than one character?

Absoulutly! You can enroll as many students as you want, but they must all start in first year. As for teachers, you can message me, the Hogwarts Staffing page will show openings and staffing info.

What time period is this site in?

There is no particular time period on this site, its after Harry's time (so there is stuff in the trophy room) but his kids aren't at school. His kids won't ever come to school nor his grandkids or great grandkids etc. None of the teachers known are here, though they may be mentioned.

Well, thats it! If you have any questions, message me in my inbox and I'll answer them!

- Professer Jamie Quill, Headmistress.